Ali's Terribly Old Pages

Most of the content here is over 15 years old, and I'm not the person who did these things any more. But here it is.
I used to like to write songs and sing them. Then I graduated from college and I no longer had a good way to get people to listen. Here are the lyrics to songs I have written.
Strategy Games
I've invented a few games. Then I figured out that it was unlikely that anyone would ever play them.
Assorted fiction and poetry that I wrote in high school and college.
I wrote a Character Picker applet for the Gnome panel. It's still in the main applet distribution, and the icon for it still has a "" on account of there being one in my name. I've long since abandoned it though, so don't send me bug reports or feature requests, even though that page says you can.
And while we're in the ancient web relic spirit, here's my Mosaic Hotlist file from 1994.
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