Alexandre Muñiz's Web Thing.

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Here are some categories of things I'm interested in:

Interactive Fiction
Also known as Text Adventures. My first major work, A New Life, tied for second in the 2005 Interactive Fiction Competition.
Mathematical Recreations
I'm fascinated with puzzles using polyominoes, and sell my own creations here.
Open Source Programming
I wrote Latin Plus, a gtk+ input method that covers a wide range of unicode characters via compose sequences. It's part of the gtk-im-extra project. I also wrote Workspace Name Applet, a Gnome 2 panel applet for viewing and changing the name of the current workspace.
Choral Music
I'm singing with the Sherwood Renaissance Singers, which performs at various renaissance faires in Oregon and Washington during the summer. I've also sung with the Lewis & Clark Community Chorale, Portland Symphonic Choir, the Portland Christmas Revels, the Marylhurst University Concert Chorale, and the Sherwood Chorale in the past.

I've written a choral setting of an Edna St. Vincent Millay poem. I'm hoping some day I'll be able to convince the director of some group I'm in to perform it.

Recuerdo (SATB, PDF)

Really Old Pages
The extremely old pages for some of my creative endeavors in college and shortly after are still here, but I've moved them to the attic so as to keep them from cluttering my home page.

I enjoy Irish céilí and set dancing. If you're in the Portland area and interested in Irish social dancing, check out the Portland Céilí Society site.

I graduated from Whitman College in the spring of 1996, and I also completed a Master of Education at Lewis and Clark College.

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