My Games

Graph paper games:

I've always liked playing strategy games, but their terrible flaw is that they are social, in that they require finding an willing opponent. My first influence in creating games came from playing go-moku on graph paper in middle school, which could be done between classes (or, with a bit of stealth, during them,) without the social overhead of having a friend to spend an afternoon with. In high school, I continued the practice, and invented my own games to play on graph paper when I was bored with go-moku. The best were:

Chess Variants:

I learned chess when I was a kid, and I am an ok casual chess player, but I generally feel that it is futile to bother with a game where I can be so easily crushed by a computer. A few years ago, I discovered the Chess Variant Pages, which had a whole trove of games that nobody had programmed a computer to dominate at yet. When the site started holding variant composition contests, that was all the impetus I needed to start making variants of my own:

Icehouse Games:

Icehouse is a set of pyramidal pieces sold by the good folks at Looneylabs, for which a number of interesting games have been invented over the years. I bought my own set when the new stackable plastic pieces came out, and I have been very happy with them. Of course, I had to try my hand at designing my own games:

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