Puzzles designed by Alexandre Owen Muñiz

I've been interested in mathematical puzzles for a long time, and now I've gotten the opportunity to make my own puzzles out of lasercut acrylic. If you're interested in these puzzles, you may also want to look at my main recreational mathematics page. I am also keeping a blog that is mostly on the subject. Puzzles currently available for sale include:


L-topia contains 12 L-shaped pieces with circular and square holes in various positions. A number of challenges for positioning the circles and squares are provided. More info on some of the things you can do with the set is available here.


Stretched Pentominoes

[Picture coming soon]

For serious pentomino fans, these 21 pieces comprise every way of stretching out a pentomino so that the squares they are made from become rectangles. The pieces fit into the provided box in three square layers. A blog post about this set, with a solution, is here. In dark red only. $16

All of the puzzles except for the Decagram puzzle come in an attractive 4" square white cardboard jewelry box, and are sized to fit in the box. Shipping within the United States is $3 per puzzle, except for Decagram puzzles, which are $1.50. Contact me at pz@puzzlezapper.com if you want to have a puzzle shipped outside the US or you have other questions.